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Structural Engineer EIT or PE/SE+

We are looking for multiple candidates with varying experience levels for full-time positions in either Lakewood or Olympia, WA.

The ideal candidate qualifications:

  • Minimum 0 to 3 years of experience in analysis, design and drafting of structural plans or 3+ years of experience and a PE.
  • EIT or PE/SE
  • In depth knowledge of current versions of AutoCAD Architecture and Revit, must be capable of drafting plans and details for projects in an efficient manner.
  • The ability to perform structural calculations / detailing / construction support dealing with structures designed with wood, concrete, masonry and steel.
  • Bachelor's degree in Civil or Structural engineering preferred but not required.
  • IRC/IBC familiarity is necessary.
  • Knowledge and comfort with using computer based programs for structural analysis
  • An understanding of residential and commercial building construction.
  • The ability to write clearly and concisely.
  • The ability to speak with clients and be understood, work independently, make site visits to evaluate existing structures, be dependable, and a friendly attitude and follow through.

Survey Department Manager+

Beyler Consulting, LLC a multi-disciplinary Engineering and Surveying Company is seeking a dynamic leader to manage our Lakewood Office Surveying Department. This is an excellent opportunity for a mid-level professional with land surveying, business development, and managerial skills looking to further advance their career. This position is to fill the current role of our department manager who is looking to retire. He will be available through the transition and plans to continue working with the company on a support basis.

Your Role:

As the Survey Department Manager, responsibilities will include running day to day
operations, utilization, financial performance and profitability, business development and
marketing, client relationship management, project management, and staff development.
The current department consists of a staff of 10.

The successful candidate will:

  • Be a leader and manage the team and direct day to day operations of office staff
  • Promote technical staff development and staff recruitment, including support in
    strategic planning/recruitment
  • Establish and maintain business development and seek to grow future business
  • Participate in the development and maintenance of client relationships
  • Oversee project delivery and quality assurance/quality control in accordance with
  • Business Management Systems, ensuring cost, schedule and quality objectives are
  • Manage the allocation of office resources towards pursuit and proposal production,
    management, and delivery of projects
  • Oversee the administrative functions in support of staff
  • Participate in Community, Civic and Client relations out of office events
  • Have a desire to embrace technology in surveying, such as use of GPS, Scanning,
    and Drones.

Your Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of experience in Land Surveying Services
  • Professional Surveying License (PLS)
  • Experience in private land development, short plats, plats, commercial, industrial,
    ALTAs, municipal, utility and telecom industries
  • Have excellent communication and technical skills with the ability to develop strong
    relationships with existing and future clients and foster company vision and
    leadership to staff
  • Experience managing and delivering projects successfully
  • The ideal candidate must possess great leadership characteristics with the ability to
    lead and grow an office team as well as the ability to develop and maintain strong
    relationships with clients, jurisdictions, and consultants

Who We Are:

Beyler Consulting is a multi-discipline professional services firm that offers a broad array of
technical services in civil engineering, structural engineering, land surveying, construction
related services, land planning, and project management. But more importantly than what
we provide or what we do, is why and how we work in an environment where the following
core values are alive:

     1. The Beyler Consulting compass always points North. We do the right thing, and
          we do it with integrity.
     2. Build up your work family. We are more than a team, and look for ways to make
          each other successful.
     3. Conciergineering. (Concierge Service + Engineering) We made up a word that
          embodies our desire to provide exceptional service at every level of our firm.
     4. Beyler Communication Consulting. Communication IS our middle name!
     5. Every spoke is vital to the wheel. Every single employee, regardless of their
          position or title, is vital and important to our success.
     6. Love what you do. We take pride in our work, and want to create a place that you
          will truly enjoy yourself while working hard.
     7. Learn, apply, and THRIVE. We encourage our work family to continuously learn,
          strive to improve, and grow.
     8. Leave things better than you found it. We believe in proactively seeking out
          ways to improve processes, procedures, and the environment around us.
     9. The Glass is full. We maintain a positive atmosphere and outlook that is
          encouraging and contagious.
     10.Kindness matters. “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” – Dalai

If the above core values speak to something inside you, then you just might be a Beyler
Leader, and not even know it.

What We Offer:

• Competitive Salary & Performance Bonus Compensation packages
• 100% paid employee medical, dental, and vision coverage
• Excellent paid time off benefits
• Company matching retirement account
• Flexible work schedule
• Career advancement opportunities

Join our Team:

We hope that if you would like to work in a place that truly values its employees and strive
to live by the above noted values, that you will reach out to us. We pride ourselves in
having created a place to work that makes you smile on your drive in each day! We hope
you will join our work family soon. 

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